Domino’s Pizza and Domino’s Art

Domino is a small rectangular block marked with two groups of spots on one side that is used for playing domino games. It is typically made of wood, bone or ivory with contrasting black or white pips. Some sets are more elaborate, and may be painted or inlaid with other materials such as jewels or metal. The most basic Western domino game is called “block-and-draw.” Players draw at random for the lead, and the player who holds the heaviest set of tiles plays first. The rest of the pieces remain face down on the table and are known as the stock or boneyard. The leader plays a single tile that either begins or continues a chain reaction of dominoes, with the goal of reaching a target score such as 100 points or 200 points in a certain number of rounds. The first player to reach this target wins.

Historically, European-style dominoes were usually made from bone, silver lip ocean pearl oyster shell (mother of pearl), ivory, or a dark hardwood such as ebony with contrasting white or black pips. These sets are often heavier and more durable than their polymer counterparts, but they can be expensive to produce. More recently, a variety of natural materials such as marble, granite or soapstone; metals (such as brass or pewter); and ceramic clay have been used to create sets with a more unique look and feel.

Many people enjoy creating domino art, in which they use the small squares to create curved lines or grids that form pictures when they fall, stacked walls or 3D structures such as pyramids. The art is often displayed in public spaces or private collections. Some artists also use the large pieces to create domino murals.

Dominoes, the world’s leading pizza delivery company, has been under pressure from third-party food delivery services such as Uber Eats and DoorDash, which have gained market share in recent years. However, I believe the company’s extensive store network and supply chain efficiencies should help it maintain market leadership and drive profitable growth in the future.

In addition, Domino’s has invested in a purpose-built pizza-delivery vehicle and is experimenting with robotic and drone delivery. All of these initiatives have a business basis, but I think they’re being undertaken largely to modernize the company’s image and appeal to a younger demographic.

Although I haven’t personally owned shares of Domino’s in the past, I do own some of its debt and employee stock options. I am currently long shares of Domino’s, which have a total value of about $5.6 billion. I will continue to monitor the company’s progress and make changes as necessary to my portfolio.