MMA Betting

MMA betting is an exciting form of wagering that has seen major growth in recent years. This growth is due to the entertaining personalities, different fighting styles and the high number of fights held each year. However, there are some important factors to consider when placing a bet on an MMA match. The first step is to gain technical insight on each fighter’s true capabilities. This will help you see past the hype and make more informed bets.

The most basic type of MMA bet is the moneyline bet, which is a bet on the winner of a particular fight. This type of bet will include a favorite and an underdog, with the odds reflecting their chances of winning. The favorite will usually have a minus symbol in front of their odds, while the underdog will have a plus symbol in front of their odds.

Another popular MMA betting type is the over/under rounds bet, which is a wager on how many total rounds a fight will last. In order to win this bet, a bettor must correctly predict how many total rounds a fight will last. This bet can be placed either pre-event or through live betting, which allows you to place a bet on the fight as it is occurring.

Method of victory bets are also a common MMA bet type. These bets are based on how a fighter will win a particular fight, and can include options such as a knockout, submission, or decision. The majority of MMA matches are won by either a knockout or submission, so these types of bets can have good payouts.

It is important to take a look at a fighter’s wins and losses, as well as their competition. In addition, it is helpful to know how long a fighter has been out of the ring and if they have been training during their time off. Often, injuries have a significant impact on a fighter’s performance, and bettors should understand how these injuries will affect the matchup.

A popular MMA bet type is the parlay, which joins bets on multiple fight outcomes. This is a riskier bet, as all of your selections must be correct in order to win, but can yield bigger payouts than a straight bet. Parlays can be placed both pre-event and through live betting, which allows you to place your bets during the fight as it is occurring. Some live MMA betting sites offer special awards such as fighter of the night, knockout of the night and submission of the night, which are great bets to include in a parlay.